Car For Sale Under $2000 in Delray Beach


A reliable car for sale under $2000 in Delray Beach.

  • 2007 Ford Taurus
  • 97,000 miles
  • Full maintenance history available
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Car for sale under $2000 in Delray Beach:  2007 Ford Taurus with 96,400 miles.

I bought this from the county with the damaged door and drove it as my daily before parking it for a couple years. Has some small rust spots where the paint is damaged, but they’re still solid and sandable. Clean interior.

Installed a new fuel pump Oct 2021 and it starts right up again.

I have all the service records from the county which show all the stuff replaced in the car since new. The only thing I’ve replaced is the fuel pump and fuel filter.

Off US1, South of Atlantic Ave in Delray Beach.